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Dr. Cosmo led the way in integrating 3D printed technology from impression-less digital systems to development of orthodontic brace and retention systems in use today.

We are excited to bring you a new technology that can enhance your well-being, providing you with a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime! Orchestrate 3D Smile Design Software customizes a digital treatment and retention plan for your smile that includes: invisible retainers, or a combination of bonded invisible braces and retainers made to keep you smiling for life!

Our practice has been specially trained to provide you with a high-quality, “Digital” standard of care, while creating a fully customized treatment plan just for you. The treatment plan is developed by your orthodontist, based on your individual case; often at a much better value than other out sourced options.

With Orchestrate 3D Technology, we can insure that your treated smile will last a lifetime! As an Orchestrate Patient, we can provide you a lifetime of retention options including minor tooth movement and “smile tune-ups.”

If you only need minor dental corrections, Orchestrate Treatment can be a perfect option without you having to visit the practice as often. Ask us what the best options are for your specific case.

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Lifetime Smile Insurance

With your Smile Insurance, you walk away with a sense of confidence that the care we provide will provide a lifetime of beautiful smiles for you and your family.

Hybrid Treatment

If you don’t qualify for a complete aligner treatment... no problem! With Orchestrate 3D Integrated Hybrid Treatment, you can still be treated with fixed invisible appliances for your first phase of treatment, and complete your treatment with Orchestrate’s clear removable appliances. This is a great way to maintain amazing aesthetics, but your orthodontist has the ability to utilize more complex mechanics customized for your individual treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Orchestrate differ from other removableclear appliances?
The biggest difference between Orchestrate and other systems is that the entire process is completed under one roof – ours!

What happens if I lose my appliance?
You should contact your doctor immediately, and they can make a new appliance instantly.

How long will I be in treatment?
Your treatment is specific to your needs. Treatment time varies depending on the complexity of your case. The good news is that this appliance is nearly invisible and removable, so even if your treatment may take a little longer, your appliance cannot be seen.

How much does it cost?
Orchestrate 3D is a great alternative because it is produced directly in your orthodontist’s office, so it is not as costly as other alternatives. Specific costs vary depending on the complexity of the case, we will be happy to review all options including fees and payment options.

How can I get started?
Schedule your evaluation appointment. Ask us if Orchestrate 3D is right for you! The road to your new smile can start today!