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Our office is proud to continue our philosophy of providing cutting-edge technology and the highest quality of treatment! Now information about mutual patients can be accessed by the most advanced inter-office communications system, created by Dr. Cosmo via our website! Providers can copy radiographs, initial letters, progress notes, referrals, and final documents into their own system or server easily and securely without having to send information through the mail.

Some of OrthoTracker capabilities include:

  • Under documents, the ability to show coordinating providers video setup of projected orthodontic plan
  • Addition of reference articles or other relevant articles
  • Access to patient information from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access (even from portable devices/iPhone)
  • Patient information is synchronized every five minutes from office server to online server
  • Ability to transfer a patient to another orthodontist easily within a timely manner by providing access to that specific patient
  • Communicate notes and ideas via comment box that will send an email notification to access site

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